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How To Use Microsoft Word to Format Your Manuscript as an eBook

Microsoft Word for eBook formatting

Some indie authors who are techy use Sigi or Calibre softwares to format their manuscrips for publishing as an eBook which requires the knowledge of HTML and CSS.  But many still prefer using Microsoft Word to format their manuscript for publishing as an eBook and then save it as a .doc document or .docx document. If you are the type that prefer this second option, then this Will surely interest you.

As an indie author, properly formatting and editing your manuscript should be your highest priority. To do this rightly, the following guides will be of great help to you in professionally formatting your manuscript to acceptable standard of major eBook publishing and distribution platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct, Smashwords and Google books.

eBook Formatting Tips

Once your book is well written and properly formatted, you will surely get good feedback from readers in the form of sales and positive reviews. 
  1. Save the manuscript in Microsoft word as a .doc document (Save As 1997-2003).

  2. Properly edit and proof read, as well as removing all tab and spacebar spaces. To do this, ON the Show/Hide MS word feature to guide you.

  3. Create and use custom styles to format the front and end matter of your book.

  4. You can directly apply Bold, Italics, and Underline where necessary.

  5. Create the working Table Of Content using the Bookmarking method which converts well in both Smashwords and Amazon KDP Direct unlike inserting table of content through Reference menu which is not acceptable  in Smashwords.

  6. Simulate the eBook with your smart phone device to have a feel of it. If you are convinced it is great, congrats.

  7. Login to your platform account and follow through the procedures to publish it.

  8. Spread the news of your book being live on your published platforms.

  9. Start implementing your planned promotional strategies.
Good luck. You now know the basic tips to get your manuscript professionally formatted using Microsoft Word.
The next thing is to apply this eBook formatting knowledge in formatting your next book.
If you recently published à title, then it is time to start work on your next book too.

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